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Internet of Things (IoT) 

IoT provides bidirectional connectivity by seamlessly bridging any smart devices with help of sensors to enable send and receiving of data in real time. The backend system of devices and sensors are connected using the wireless networks such as GPS, GPRS, LAN, LPVAN, and others. The Data collected from the smart devices are stored and Processed generally on Cloud.

Markets these times handle value-drive innovation, rapidly growing changes, seamless connectivity, complex technologies, etc. Business have embraced IoT to tap the business opportunity and get competitive advantage over the competitors. 

IoT include complex set of tools to connect, process, store, and analyze data. IoT along with Cloud technologies, process data that are collected and stored. We have specialized in creating and developing IoT based innovative solutions for the Enterprise Applications.

As we have expertise in Cloud, Data Science, Machine Learning and Blockchain, our solutions for enterprise application which including IoT implementations are developed with ease and with end-to-end application development knowledge. 

Our Services based on IoT provides solution on connectivity to IoT based devices, data collection, and data processing from enterprise application/platforms.


Internet of things