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Graduate Selection System

Make Recruiting your Competitive Advantage

Graduate Selection System is easy-to-use hiring software for small to medium sized organizations that want to maximize their time, their money and still attract amazing talent. It is an online tool that allows to efficiently organizing the hiring process. The software will store applicants, select, pre-screen, coordinate opinions and generally help the hiring manager to get from campaign launch through interviews and on to hiring as quickly and efficiently as possible. The product is based on the concept of minimizing the amount of paper work and converts all forms of documentation to digital form.

Define your own set of questions for every job. Of this you can specify the number of questions for the online test to the candidate and can invite the unlimited candidates to attend the interview by sending mail though Graduate Selection System with immediate results.

  • Less time consuming and is more efficient
  • Result will be very precise and accurate
  • Auto calculation and evaluation
  • Very Secure