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Online E-library

Reading books has been one of the most favorite hobbies of all times. Reading books not only help us increase our knowledge but also increase our competitiveness and confidence. In these Knowledge Driven modern times the power of knowledge is incomparable to any other. Knowledge increases the individual’s confidence and enables him to have a clear picture of the things which otherwise, were beyond his scope. Also it helps increasing the skills and fine tunes techniques.

Having understood this fact, our Product E-library has taken an initiative to empower you with knowledge. Knowledge in the form of books can be made available to the employees or students of your company or organization with just at the click of a button. A comprehensive Online Digital Library has been developed and deployed in this regard. The online digital library is very simple, fast, and easy to access and learn. Books can be categorized according to your requirement, book name, author, year of publishing and the publication. Provision for adding books and managing books online is one of feature.

Advantages of online E-library:

  • It saves and/or reduces the physical space taken up by library materials
  • It often adds enhanced searching capabilities in a digital format
  • The library materials are available at the user\'s desktop, regardless of where the user is physically located
  • It allows for the inclusion of materials available on the Internet or in digital format
  • It provides the user with the capability to download
  • It allows for multiple, concurrent users
  • It eliminates the problem of a book being missing or off the shelf
  • It is less labor intensive

Features of online E-Library

Our eLibrary offers unique features for effectively adding and managing e-books. The features include:

  • Categorization of e-Books
  • Adding or uploading e-Books
  • Organizing e-Books according to Title, category, ISBN, Author, etc.
  • Searching e-Books based on Title, category, ISBN, Author, etc
  • Web based Multi-user Access to Books online.
  • Administration of e-Books, Authorization and Authentication