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We deliver High Quality, Reliable and Cost-Effective IT Services to Customers Globally. We provide World-Class technology services by constantly exploring and implementing Innovative Solutions that drive long-term value to our Customers.


To be the leading End to End Consulting, Solution and Service Provider in Information Technologies.


We aim to impart End to End Solution and Service through Quality Process.


  • To Grow Profitability by aggressively pursuing opportunities in both on shore and off shore markets.
  • To Diversify and Grow in the field of End to End IT Solution and Services.
  • To Improve Competency through Collaboration, Strategic Alliance and Joint Ventures in the field of Enterprise Computing,Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Integration Technology.
  • To accomplish Market Leadership through the combined efforts of a dedicated workforce,thereby achieving Customer Satisfaction




ISO 9001:2015





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Proton Expert Systems & Solutions has carried out a lot of charity programs to reach up to the deprived people in India. To start with we have taken up a charity program which is focused on Child and Women-Centered Development aiming to promote Child Rights and improve the quality of life of vulnerable Girl children. These programs are started in districts in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, to name Kolar and Chittoor districts.

go green logo

Proton Expert Systems & Solutions is investing heavily in making its technology more efficient, less costly to run and less damaging to the environment than ever before. By offering greener options in technology and applying them equally to our own operations, we aim to take a position of leadership in the promotion of sustainable and profitable business.

    Print on both sides of recycled paper

    Go paperless and pay bills online

    Go bag less or use eco-friendly bags

    Adjust the thermostat and turn off your Computer

    Reduce Power Consumption

    Use public transport as much as possible

    Use video conference effectively

    Make your space more energy-efficient

    Reuse the electronics

    Use less paper towels and napkins

Proton Expert Systems & Solutions